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Mint White Chocolate Mousse Cake

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"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez



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parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

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Acoluthic Redux, 2014.Andre Elliot

Acoluthic Redux, 2014.
Andre Elliot

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I remember all the costumes almost had to be vintage - none of them could be made just because of the budget of the film. So we didn’t have doubles or anything like that. They were all true vintage clothes from the period, which was very helpful. As an actor, to get to wear the clothes and the feel of them changes the way you walk and sit and all that stuff. - Dane DeHaan, Kill Your Darlings Commentary

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One of the handiest screenwriting tips I’ve ever encountered is a quote from Russell T Davies in a book about the making of Doctor Who.

“Dialogue is just two monologues clashing,” he said. “That’s my Big Theory. It’s true in life – never mind drama. Everyone is always, always thinking about themselves. It’s kind of impossible to do otherwise.”

It’s good advice because it feels right: the reason a lot of soap opera dialogue is unrealistic is that, unlike real people, the characters actually listen to each other. You’d think this would make Albert Square more harmonious, but of course it has the opposite effect, thanks to their other glaringly implausible habit of expressing their innermost emotions out loud, instead of anxiously suppressing them like any self-respecting human wreck.

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Drain You
Horse Feathers - Drain You (3,641)

Drain You (Nirvana cover) | Horse Feathers

I don’t care what you think
Unless it is about me

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so i made australian prime minister valentines

why did i do this what has my life become






(note: all prime ministers from Menzies onward are included, with the exceptions of McEwen, Gorton and McMahon, on the grounds of being too obscure to make any jokes about that anyone would get (also, in McEwen’s case, on the grounds of only being pm for 18 days.))

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My Party Dress as performed by Julie Atherton from Kerrigan and Lowermilk’s concert at the St. James Studio Theatre